Selling Your Ideas to Management

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Do you wish you could break through and communicate better with management? You aren’t alone.

Employees do their best to share their ideas with busy managers. But they rarely receive feedback about the interaction. In this workshop, we will simulate interactions with management and provide feedback about the interaction.

Behind closed doors,managers complain that employees whine about difficult problems: They don’t clearly define the problem; they don’t state the impact of the problem in business terms; they don’t provide actionable recommendations for fixing the problem; and they don’t explain why fixing a problem is more important than fixing other problems.

Transform how you propose ideas to management so they hear your proposal and act on it rather than hear complaints.


  • Simulate communication between employee and management
  • Hear participants’ experiences proposing ideas to management
  • Discover patterns for effective interaction between employee and management
  • Simulate making a proposal to management
  • Receive feedback about your proposal and resimulate making the proposal

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