Managing Yourself, Managing Meetings

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Is your time being wasted in meetings?

For example, you join a problem solving meeting attended by the right six people. But the discussion wanders aimlessly and contributes little to the solution. You feel your time was squandered and wish you would have invested your time doing something that would have made a difference for yourself, your team and your organization.

Without shepherding, discussion may diverge rather than converge. Groups that have consistently effective discussions have a common characteristic — participants step up when needed to help lead the discussion. It’s not a single participant, such as the facilitator, who is the “leader” but rather many leaders who participate in shepherding the discussion to success.

Discussions that plunge participants into rat holes abound in meetings big and small. I’ve seen discussions go awry on trivial issues, such as what picture will hang in the lunch room and who will receive the largest amount of a minuscule bonus pool.

Join this workshop to learn about solutions to these examples and more. Whether you are a manager or an individual contributor, learn how to lead from the front or the back of the meeting room.

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