Temperature Reading

Virginia Satir developed this method for discovering a group’s temperature — what we in technology often call the system’s state. A facilitator leads the discovery. He or she keeps the group focused on each agenda item; works with the group members to help them communicate information congruently; and publicly displays each contribution so the group […]

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Reenergize Action with Appreciative Feedback

All work requires energy. Middle-managers who divert all energy to new actions fall into a common trap: They fail to reenergize existing actions, which may kill the success of new actions. Middle management success depends on fueling both new and existing actions. How can appreciative feedback help you discover existing, effective actions and preserve them? […]

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Rethinking Employee Rewards 3 of 3

My first post on rewarding employees explored the importance of providing a reward that is meaningful to the recipient. My second post explored the purpose of rewards, the timing of rewards, and my thoughts about rewarding all the members of a team rather than a few individual members of the team. In this final post […]

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