Appeal with Emotion, Confirm with Logic

A friend shook me up yesterday when he asked me, “Do you appeal to potential customers using emotion or logic?” I wanted to say both. But @#$!, the true answer was logic. Logic is a good thing. But when people make decisions, emotion trumps logic. What makes the heart pump faster for organizational decision makers? […]

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Rethinking Measurement Concepts, Part 1

What is a measurement? I would answer a careful observation. Ponder the following questions as you encounter measurements today: What observations do you trust? What observations are you skeptical about? What observations do you believe are phony? What observations don’t have any value? What new observations would have value?

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Be Up Front

You and Jeff are members of a project team. You’ve know Jeff for years. You like and respect him. He is new to the team. In what looks to you like an effort to prove his value to the other members of the team he has taken on too many tasks. He isn’t completing his […]

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