Seeing the Organization Anew

Workshop Does your organization want help analyzing its intergroup dynamics? Does your team want help diagnosing its own intepersonal dynamics? Do you want help interpreting the state of your relationships with other members of the organization? The typical org chart belies the state of the organization. It shows a hierarchical structure that appears neat and […]

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Don’t Tell Doreen

Jarrett, Doreen and I were on the verge of a closing a big sale. We had crafted the Statement of Work (SOW) for two weeks and had finally reached the point where it satisfied both the customer’s desires and the needs of our company. But at the last second, before the document was sent to […]

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The Double Bind

Are you in a relationship where no matter what action you take that you are admonished by a person whose approval you seek? For instance, a mother gives her son two different shirts as gifts for his birthday. He wears one of the shirts to his birthday party. His mother sees him and her first […]

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