Appeal with Emotion, Confirm with Logic

A friend shook me up yesterday when he asked me, “Do you appeal to potential customers using emotion or logic?” I wanted to say both. But @#$!, the true answer was logic. Logic is a good thing. But when people make decisions, emotion trumps logic. What makes the heart pump faster for organizational decision makers? […]

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Word Choices — We — Part 2

In my first entry about the word "we," I argued using the words "We decided to…" often create ambiguity. I suggested asking yourself several questions to reduce ambiguity either when you hear those words or when you are about to say them. In this entry, I will lay out the case for when using the […]

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Waiting For People Who Arrive Late

What does it say about the participants of a weekly meeting when the meeting consistently starts 5-10 minutes behind schedule? Answer, the participants are cooperating with each other to start late. Starting late is the status quo. Let’s explore: Are you cooperating with the participants of your meetings to start late? How do you feel […]

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