double bind

But Is It Possible?

Your manager, Ellsworth, asks you, “But is it possible?” He wants you to tell him that it is possible for you to satisfy a project milestone despite the argument you presented him for the past five minutes that the milestone was unrealistic. You feel like you are on the witness stand. Jack McCoy, the character […]

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Coping with a Double Bind

In my last post , I posed the question, “What coping strategies are better than ambivalence and apathy (in a double bind situation)?” There is nothing wrong with being ambivalent or apathetic about an environment that constantly puts you in a double bind. These coping strategies are reasonable and always available. My question was intended […]

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The Double Bind

Are you in a relationship where no matter what action you take that you are admonished by a person whose approval you seek? For instance, a mother gives her son two different shirts as gifts for his birthday. He wears one of the shirts to his birthday party. His mother sees him and her first […]

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