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Selling Your Ideas to Management

DAVID: Ruth, I think we should buy the ABC software to track trouble tickets and issues. RUTH: There is no budget for that. DAVID: But it takes me days to put together the information you want about the state of the product. And without an automated collection mechanism, I think many problems aren’t being reported. […]

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The Recipe for an Effective Proposal

Does management reject your ideas? A typical cause for rejection is a failure to frame the idea effectively. Frame your idea effectively and it becomes a proposal, which will demand consideration by management. What is the recipe and key ingredients for an effective proposal? The key ingredients are X (the idea), Y (the benefits), and […]

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Waiting for Management to Set Direction

Several of my friends who work for the same large organization tell me they are bored with their job. I hear about them waiting for management to complete the process of setting a new direction for the organization. What opportunities are available to employees when management is in the process of setting a new direction? […]

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